Tiny Tots

Our KBLAC Tiny Tots is for children aged 3 or 4 years old. Please note that children must have turned 3 years old before they are permitted to commence Little Athletics.

Tiny Tots starts at 5pm each Friday during the Little Athletics season and finishes around 5:45pm. It is run by our senior athletes who all volunteer their time to have fun with the tots and teach them some basic skills. The programs run by the senior athletes are designed by our club coach to teach and improve the children's basic motor skills and co-ordination, and ensure the children have a great time in a fun safe group environment. The events include walking the balance beam, completing obstacle courses, throwing, running and jumping.

At the end of each season, a special presentation is held at the park with a free sausage sandwich and slushie for each Tiny Tot, who will also receive a medal for all their hard work throughout the season.

Just a reminder to Tiny Tot parents that you must NOT leave your child unattended at the park even if it's only for a short time. Our senior athletes generously donate their valuable time to run the Tiny Tots program and teach these youngsters skills, however they are NOT a child minding service. It is a condition of registration that a parent is present and VISIBLE at all times, as children of this age often get distressed if they can't see Mum or Dad. It is even more distressing if they have concluded their events and no one is there to collect them. If your child wishes to take part in the program, then you MUST stay with them for the entire 45 minutes for which it runs.