The following rules will apply to every competition night and training session at KBLAC throughout the 20/21 season;

  • During this season all participants are required to abide by the “Get in – Compete/Train – Get Out’ approach. That is arrive at time and leave as soon as your participation is completed.
  • If you or an athlete in your family is unwell, please stay home and avoid physical contact with other people. Do not attend if you or a member of your family are unwell.
  • Physical distancing rules apply to everybody at the venue, 1 person per 4 square meters. Physical distancing does not apply for the athletes “on the field of play”, while competing.
  • There is a STRICTLY NO CONTACT rule while at the venue. We would ask that parents assist the Age Managers in supervising their own children and ensuring no wrestling or hands-on play is occurring between events.
  • All equipment will be sanitised prior to the commencement of the night, and after each event. Athletes will be required to sanitise their hands prior to touching any equipment. Sanitiser will be provided for all children and will be located with the age manager for each age group.
  • Each athlete can only have ONE spectator in attendance. Every spectator is required to sign in via either a sign in sheet, or through scanning a QR code and providing details as they enter the field. Assistance will be provided at the entry to the field if required.

In addition to signing in on entry, spectators are also required to ‘Sign in’ with the age manager as the one nominated spectator for a participating athlete. Athletes are not required to sign in as their details are recorded as attendance on our Results HQ system.

Additional family members, including siblings, are not allowed to be in attendance.

  • Entry to the field will be via one nominated entry and one exit. Both the entry and exit points to the field will be signposted and highlighted for you. The entry and exit points will remain the same each week. Please only arrive and depart the venue via these areas.
  • Athletes are not able to share water bottles. Please ensure you bring along extra water as refilling of water bottles from the canteen will not be available. Bottles of water and other drinks will be available for sale at the canteen.
  • Athletes cannot share any towels or personal equipment with other athletes or spectators.
  • Our canteen will be operating. At this stage our outdoor BBQ will not be operational during these restrictions, so hot food will be limited to pre-packaged food prepared in our warmer. Hot food options and quantities will be limited, so please be sure to pre-order food from the canteen when you arrive to ensure you don’t miss out, or you may wish to bring your own food.
  • Common areas such as the toilets and canteen areas will be sanitised before competition commencement and regularly throughout the night.

We are seeking volunteers to work in the canteen throughout the season. All canteen operators must complete the COVID food handling certificate available via The course is free and is completed online. Once finalised please forward your intent to volunteer and a copy of your certificate to the committee. 

A COVID safety coordinator will be monitoring the competition and training nights. Please comply with any requests given by officials in regard to the requirements as listed above, it is only for everyone’s safety and is a requirement for the running of the competition.

Posters will be set up throughout the site, explaining these requirements and as a reminder.

Last but not least, please be patient with the volunteers, age managers, athletes and other parents. It is going to be a challenge for all of us and we will all need to make a huge effort to make this as safe and as low risk as we can for all the families involved.